You have too many books to put in the rack(s) you have? Or, no space for adding a new rack? Or, you believe that Sharing is Caring? Or, you are done with this semester's books? Or, just want some extra cash? -- BookShelfBD is here to help. Simply put, BookShelfBD is a platform for sharing or selling your books. All the book information are uploaded by and searched on by readers like You, BookShelfBD just lays out the generic platform.

If this is your first time here, please check out The Primer first to see how stuffs are defined around here.

You can add Books

Adding a book that you want to share or sell is pretty simple. You can add any book from here. You can directly add an Academic Book or Non Academic Book, too. Simple, yes? :)

Note that, you need to Register first, before you can start adding book(s).

You can Browse Books

If you're looking for the next book to read or any specific book recommended by the course teacher or just hanging around -- well, you're most welcome. You can browse the added books from the Generic Book Browsing Page or do a Selective Browsing.

You can do a search

Okay...I'm in a rush ...and I want to search for books based on the book name, or author name, or maybe reader's location, or some other criterion... Can i do that?

Glad you asked! Yes, you can. The Search Page is there exactly for this. Put what your mind says in the Search box -- any criterion, and we'll fetch what we have matching that.